Your first monthly writing challenge: random words.

I will be setting monthly writing challenges for myself; you can play along if you want to. This month’s challenge was introduced to me by one of my writing buddies [you know who you are!].

Monthly Writing Challenge #1 — March 2015: Random words.
Choose five random words and give yourself fifteen minutes to write a story that features all of these words. Your words can be nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, self-created…the more diverse the words, the better. Don’t edit/censor; let go and let your writing flow.

If selecting random words is a sticking point for you, you can: (1) look around the space you’re in and use that as inspiration; (2) select a newspaper, magazine or book, flick the pages open, and let your index finger select five words for you at random; (3) ask a stranger in a cafe to tell you the first five words that come to their mind; or (4) use this random word generator.

Add to the challenge by teaming up with two others and each contributing your five words to a pool. Now you have fifteen words to incorporate into your individual stories.

Your 15 minutes starts…now. Go!

Good luck,



[Feature image by Agnes123 from Pixabay.]

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