Four unconventional cures for writer’s block.

Writer’s block. It’s a topic that has inspired a veritable deluge of books, ebooks, prompts, studies, articles, web sites, blog posts, and unsolicited advice [and if you’re a subscriber, I guess that’s what I’m doing here, isn’t it? Advising unsolicitedly].

I think the best fixes come from a little fun and lateral application:

1. You may have tried the cure-by-shower method. But did you know that there’s now a soap that promises to lubricate your language (when combined with vodka)?

Writer's Block soap
Image credit: Whiskey River Soap Co.

2. This mug facilitates cure by caffeination:
Writer's block mug
Image credit: Zazzle Inc.

3. You can even terrorise yourself into writing via a web app that rewards, threatens, and deletes your words (via kamikaze mode) if you don’t reach your targets–find out more at

4. If all else fails, you still have ice cream:

Image credit: Meetville.

You have no more excuses. Get writing.

Enjoy your words,



[Feature image by Andrew Neel from Pexels.]

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