Today I’m sharing work from a bright new light, a birthday card with strategic-rectangle edits to protect the identities of the young card giver and recipient:

As well as the lively words themselves, I love the gratuitous display of exclamation, and the whole premium-page plug given to the card giver’s YouTube channel. How does a ten-year old boy arrive at such comedy gold?

Already I’m thinking the card giver will grow up to become a stand-up comedian. Or maybe a marketing guru [quick poll: ads in greeting cards…cringeworthy or genius?]. Or maybe a famous artist and greeting card writer, a la Edward Monkton.

‘Where on Earth did you find this gem?’ I hear you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Over the weekend, we hosted my bonus son’s birthday event. He had a great time rock-climbing with his mates; we enjoyed reading his birthday cards afterwards.

A special thank you to Master K–and happy birthday, Master O!

Have a wonderful week,


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