10 sites for creative writing prompts (because sometimes it helps to have a little shove in a strange direction).

Image credit: http://public-domain.pictures/
Image credit: free images @PLiXS via http://public-domain.pictures/

Here’s a quick and dirty list of free prompts sites/pages that will hopefully spark a truckload of creative writing:

  1. 100 word story gives you a monthly photo prompt and provision for you to attach your 100-word story in the page comments.
  2. Riding Light delivers a monthly writing prompt 300-word stories. Take part in this one, and you may be fortunate enough to see your efforts in print.
  3. The Sun magazine features prompts each issue–and also publishes responses in future issues, in a segment called ‘Readers Write’.
  4. Language is a Virus has its own prompt generator! I can’t vouch for its awesomeness above that, but there is something about a random-anything generator that has me mesmerised.
  5. 150 Amazing Writing Prompts Pictures features 146 off-kilter and often misadventurous images to use as writing prompts. Think ekphrasis. Be prepared for weird.
  6. Poets & Writers has a writing prompts page that is split into non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. I like to think you might be able to add some spice by taking on a non-fiction prompt for poetry, or a poetry prompt for fiction.
  7. Writing Prompts is a tumblr that does what it says on the packet.
  8. A possible ditto for this one–Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck–but I haven’t road-tested them to make sure they truly do not suck.
  9. Have a new writing prompt sail into your Inbox each day with Sarah Selecky’s 10-minute writing prompts. This looks like a wonderful way to kickstart a daily writing practice.
  10. Daily Writing Tips gives examples of prompts and recommendations for prompts sites, all of which I have strategically left off this list–so your list of ten sites is actually 19 sites long! Cool, eh? It’s like a free gift. The proverbial set of steak knives. A ‘buy ten, get nine free’ scenario, except that you didn’t have to spend any dollars to start with. Any way you look at it, you’re ahead.

Be bountiful and enjoy,


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