Mad but magic.

Happy new year!

How do you celebrate a new year? Do you set goals/resolutions/diets?

I don’t. Instead, I choose a new year’s theme to live by.

The idea for my annual theme ordinarily comes to me far in advance, a culmination of the learnings from preceding years: in 2015 I lived to be present and say yes again; 2014 was my year of enough.

This year, I am taking my theme from a scented candle I received four days ago.


At first, I thought it was cute. A cute label for a generous gift. Then I realised how snugly it fitted my stories and writing practice. So I’m owning it.

My 2016 will be filled with madness and magic. Maybe some of that will touch you too [and maybe you’d like to start here].

Wishing you the best year ever,


PS. Thanks for the sweet-smelling inspiration, E! It lives on my desk.

PPS. If you’d like a candle like this, visit

PPPS. No, Damselfly did not sponsor this post.

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