The plan, Stan.

It’s taken almost 11 months, which is a superlong gestation period, but I’m finally getting myself organised with a plan for thirtyseven. Part of that process has necessitated a little self-analysis and structure, which I’m sharing with you today.

Step 1 (in me getting organised): admitting I have a problem.
My name is Hannah, and I have been an inconsistent blogger.

I have three big reasons for not posting much lately:

  1. I’ve been writing fiction. A lot. This is a good thing.
  2. I’ve been struggling with the fact that I think my second novel [and no, my first is not under contract…yet] may be primarily for a YA audience. This has given me heart palpitations and headspins, and it means I have a ridiculous amount of reading to catch up on, because I haven’t read YA since… Does Harry Potter count?
  3. I’ve been going through a blogger identity crisis. I don’t know how much to share here, mainly because I don’t know if I’m relevant to anyone outside of my friends and family. Does that even matter?Some days I wonder if I can write at all. And, in the moments that I think I’m pretty hot stuff, I’m spending that energy on writing a story or a novel chapter. While my posts have been sporadic, I hope they have still been worth reading.

Step 2: analyse.
What do I want from my blog? Everyday, I write. I live in made-up worlds and imaginary characters and it’s often a lonely journey. My big wish is to connect with other writers and readers. I think we could have fun sharing and learning together and, maybe one day, you’ll follow my blog [big thanks and a winky smile 😉 if you already are!]. That would be a cool day.

In the main, I’ve been blogging when I feel like it. I think that missing posts sometimes is okay, especially if it’s because I’m writing (it is what I’m supposed to be doing!), but there is little excuse when scheduling is possible.

And, as a good little project manager, I know that setting and respecting deadlines can help me to push past insecurities and inertia.

Step 3: move on with a plan.
To remedy my paucity of posts and lack of cohesive content, I have decided to follow blogging guru Darren Rowse‘s lead by keeping a blogging calendar, and scheduling posts.

I’ll be posting on Sundays from now on, as a regular thing.

  • First post of the month is a writing exercise/challenge.
  • Second post = me sharing new discoveries and cool links. Me being an errant blogger is my (self)discovery for the month. That’s this post. Yay!
  • Third post = a mixed bag: showcasing others’ work; sharing snippets of my work; reviews of what I’ve been reading. And other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.
  • Fourth post = an opinion post. It may be light or it may be hairy. This is me stepping out on a limb, so be kind!

There may also be the odd out-of-schedule post–eg. if I’m too excited to wait before announcing that one of my novels has been accepted for publication 😉

I am sharing this with you to keep me accountable, to (maybe) prod you into action if you’ve been a disorganised blogger like me, and to give you the opportunity to tell me what you would like to see here on thirtyseven.

So, dear reader, what do you think? I’m flinging myself open to all constructive suggestions and comments.

Have an excellent week,



[Feature image by Oleg Magni from Pexels.]


2 Replies to “The plan, Stan.”

  1. As an inconsistent blogger myself I have no words of wisdom to offer, Hannah, except to say it’s good to have a plan. My plan was to blog once a month and I more or less do that so … good luck with your plans 🙂


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