Here are some (Perth-based) places you will find me from now until the end of 2018.

21 October, 12-1pm — Why do I write? [panel discussion]

“Three emerging WA writers – Emily Paull, Hannah van Didden and Brooke Dunnell – talk with Amy Lin about what compels them to write in the shorter form.”
>More via the Australian Short Story Festival website.

4 November, 2-4pm — Twist Your Own Adventure [workshop for young writers]

“One day you wake up and decide to take a walk. This day begins as any other day, but this walk is not like any other walk. You think you know where your path leads, but you don’t—at least to start with. Accompany Hannah on a wild ride past the known realm of your imagination to create a truly twisted tale… if you dare.”
>More via the Peter Cowan Writers Centre.

10 November, 1:30-4:30pm — Self-Editing and Submitting for Publication [workshop for aspiring to emerging writers]

“Join Josephine and Hannah to learn how to edit your short-form writing and ready it for submitting to publishers or competitions. With their different yet complementary backgrounds in writing, editing and publication, your facilitators bring a wealth of tips and practical exercises in relation to self-editing, organising your writing life, dealing with rejection, self-promotion, identifying the right opportunities for your style, and submitting the final version – as the best it can be!”
>More via the Peter Cowan Writers Centre.

17 November, 2-4pm — Pathways to Publication [workshop for early career writers]

“With many pathways to publication it’s especially important to find what works for you! Join Hannah and Josephine to learn about publication opportunities for your writing, including competitions, large and small; online publications; genre and literary journals; independent publishing houses; and larger commercial publishers. This is a workshop that welcomes all styles of writing for advice and information shared in a non-threatening environment, especially suited to early-career writers.”
>More via the Peter Cowan Writers Centre.