Seven links to inspire creativity (and humanity).


Today I’m sharing seven links that I find inspiring and just plain interesting. These are all links I’ve fallen in like with over the last 12 months, and I thought you might enjoy them too.

draft journal
If you want to know more about how the creative process works, or you seek to tease your muse into conferment, this may be the place for you.

This is the archive of a creative collaboration project linking words and multimedia. Born ran for 15 years–from 1996 to 2011–and continues to live online, challenging newcomers like me to think bigger.

Les Collages
A few snips here, a few words there, a series of juxtapositions, of words and images splayed in unique and disturbing ways. Yes, here I am recommending a site that I find deeply unsettling. Why? Because it inspires me terribly much. These stories are magnetic.

The Centred Self
For me, this site is the flipside to Les Collages, and equally as synapse-rewiring. This tumblr is filled with uplifting messages, a la the Purple Buddha project.

Purple Buddha project
My first draft of this post originally comprised five links–and this wasn’t one of them; I thought that the Purple Buddha project’s tumblr was too similar to The Centred Self, with which I was already enamoured. Then I discovered the website. Forrest Curran’s positivity is an extension of the aid this project gives to war-torn areas of Cambodia–by organising artisans to turn found objects of conflict (eg. bomb shells; bullets) into beautiful fairtrade items. For each piece sold, nine meals are donated to disadvantaged children. It makes me wonder what I can offer to make such a difference.

At Quillette, every day is a Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Check out editor Claire Lehmann’s recent article on stereotypes as a taster.

Paper Crown
This is a brand new literary journal operating out of Perth, Western Australia, and it’s accepting submissions until 4 February. I’ve included Paper Crown on this list because I am excited by the new opportunities opening up to readers and writers everywhere (plus I love the 4 Jan post’s vintage cups and saucers).

Of course, much inspiration lies beyond the internet, with chickens and children and living in general, but I am intrigued to learn: which sites incite you to ask questions, to create, to be a better human?

Wishing you an inspired 2016,


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