I recently came across some notes I wrote to self after a suburban cafe dining experience in 2011:

Above the tables for dine-in customers is a note that reads: “Dear customer, This shop is takeaway. Thank you.”

The menu tells me the the tofu here isn’t tasty: it is “tasted”.

There are multiple calendars on the walls. I am thinking that either the calendars keep getting stolen, or someone who works here is in constant need of the date, regardless of which direction their eyes are facing.

Looking back, this dining experience was less than satisfactory — yet I find myself wanting to dine there again, to reminisce and to see what has changed. If, indeed, this place still exists…


Sometimes, and especially when I am tired, I read my words too quickly and my brain registers something else before my eyes have a chance to correct the message.

For example:

  • “Romanticisation” was actually “Romanisation” (from: a book, in reference to language) — although I think either word could have been a fit;
  • “Appropriate Catering” was “Corporate Catering” (from: a cafe sign in Perth) — nevertheless, I do hope they cater appropriately; and
  • I made “People in Pyjamas” out of “People in Property” (from: a business in Northbridge) — now wouldn’t it be more fun to buy a house from someone wearing pyjamas?

Does this happen to you too?


While editing a story, I googled to double-check my spelling of a particular word. This appeared at the top of my search results:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 1.21.48 pm

I refreshed my search and this one appeared:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 1.25.47 pm

I didn’t realise the magick industry used sponsored links, but I hadn’t really thought it through before. To survive in this world, I guess you need to be able to commercialise the skills you have, in whichever realm they be.



[Feature image by Aimee Valentine from Pixabay.]

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