I haven’t posted on this blog for a long time. You may have noticed. It started to feel like a chore and, in spite of drafting many more posts (52 of them to be exact), I couldn’t bring myself to hit the “publish” button on any of them. Blogging stopped feeling authentic and I stopped feeling joy in it.

I am rediscovering my joy. I am making changes.

The first change is format. I am going for a leaner look and feel on my site. You will notice that most of my old posts have disappeared. Not deleted, just hidden.

And a few days after this post is sent to you, I will remove it from public view.

I’m growing up, as a person and a writer, and my old posts feel burdensome.

Please don’t misunderstand — I still love them; they are a legitimate part of my journey — but I don’t want to carry the weight of them into the future.

I even considered removing my publications page: what is published is past (often years in the past at the date of publication) and I want to share who I am in the now. In temporal pieces.

Moving forward, I will bring you occasional selections of my work and inspirations. These will be more than words and readings. Because I am most inspired when I am living.

There is no search function on my website anymore. I don’t want my page to ever again grow long enough to warrant an “older posts” link at the bottom of the page.

I want my web sharings to be immediate. In that moment. For hours or days or months.

Now you have a choice. If you want to stay with me on this new path, thank you! But no hard feelings if you unsubscribe.

Our hours are too short to be spent outside of our loves and joys.

Wishing you peace, hoping this message finds you safe and well in these strange times,



Update from 19/04/2023: I’m opening my old posts again. Most of them, anyway. Maybe it’s nostalgia kicking in, or maybe I think I’m actually good (heaven forbid!), but I’m opening up again. I’d love to reconnect. Say hi in the comments, if you like. Tell me how you’re faring in 2023.


  1. Nice to hear from you again Hannah!
    Missed your thoughts and reflections, however looking forward to reading your words once again! Life is definitely for living – spend your time with your ‘loves and joys’ as much as you can.
    Best Wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

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