Things I can not grow.
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Things I can not grow.

Things I can not grow asparagus beetroot corn coriander cucumbers echinacea lemons lettuces pumpkins strawberries zucchini Things I can grow basil (sometimes) borage broad beans broccoli calendula chickens (sometimes) children chillis daikon radishes kang kong lemongrass mustard greens olives parsley rocket spring onions tomatoes (sometimes) yarrow sunflowers Thoughts on the above Zucchinis and cucumbers are easy … Continue reading

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Dear Mal.

First up, exciting news: Breach zine’s first issue is out today, and my short story, ‘The Unknown’, is in it! Now to this post. I was saving up this letter — yes, another poem! — for September. I originally planned to publish it as a call for action on the second anniversary of Malcolm Turnbull’s … Continue reading