Dear Mal.

First up, exciting news: Breach zine’s first issue is out today, and my short story, ‘The Unknown’, is in it!

Breach 01 cover image

Now to this post.

I was saving up this letter — yes, another poem! — for September. I originally planned to publish it as a call for action on the second anniversary of Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership of Australia.

I have decided to share it with you today because:

  1. it’s more relevant than ever;
  2. with the leadership speculation facing the Liberal Party, the likelihood of Mr Turnbull reaching the second anniversary of his prime ministership is swaying; and
  3. frankly, there is a tiny chance Mr Turnbull might just read it if it’s available online. If I sent it to Mr Turnbull directly, it would be read by one communications person and be given a cursory response outlining the Liberal Party’s main policies.

So here it is. I might be asking too much if I say I hope you enjoy it… What do you think?

Dear Mal

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

it seems to me
the price of values has dropped.
I think you left them
in your other jacket.
Do you still have it?
This new one is darker,
slicker, stiff-upper-lipper,
and it’s got a blood-soaked lining
made from raw hide.
We know how much
you paid for this one:
one-point-something million
plus one soul
and several steps to the right.
Not right enough for some
but too right for me.


some say you are biding time
working on a rabbit
to pull out and if
that’s the case, I trust you
to make amends. Just give
a sign. At your next press date,
tug on your left earlobe:
I will know. You will know
and I will know, and that
will be enough for us
to go on, to know
the future’s not stuffed.
Then you can show us
the full, magnificent extent
of your ability to turn
a lump of coal into a gem.

Yours hopefully.


[Feature image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay.]

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