A Sonnet to Modern Love.

I have just finished reading The Museum of Modern Love — the novel that, on Tuesday, garnered Heather Rose the 2017 Stella Prize.

This is a beautiful book on love, life, and art, inspired by Marina Abramović.

After Part 5, I felt moved to write a poem that, oddly, turned out to be a sonnet.

It’s my first ever sonnet. I hope you enjoy it.

Of Modern Love

I made a list of things you could not stand.
To do the best by you, my aim was true:
I had to halt them all by my own hand.
Through your comfort, you would know I love you.

But my pure-hearted present lost its course
when you assumed these things offended me!
We each thought that the other was the source,
and our efforts compounded endlessly.

Why did we not talk? How could we not see
the other’s point of view? Too busy were
we to listen; too full of self-pity
to notice how egregiously we erred.

If we’d stepped back and paused to look within,
our souls would be lighter and linked again.

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