The meaning of free.
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The meaning of free.

Table exploring the word in a selection of its nuances: Definition of “free” Sample sentence a. [chemistry] uncombined, unpaired. New research is finding that free radicals may actually be good for you. a. excluded. Rich in polyphenols, fair trade dark chocolate can be enjoyed guilt-free when eaten in moderation. a. gratis. The child’s meal comes … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t choose the van Gogh wallpaper for my dining room wall.

Paisley floral on duck egg blue and silver stripes, flocked accents in chocolate. This is the wallpaper I bought instead of the willows and blossoms I wanted, the one I liked for its muted tones, the creams and blues and occasional gold, though I’m almost certain the original didn’t feature that same metal because, depending … Continue reading