Every decision you make is a political statement.

(an incomplete list)

To breathe.
How to move.
How to talk.
How to interact.
What/how to eat.
What to wear and how to wear it.
Whom/what to read/watch/listen to/research.
What to take on.
What to value.
What values to hold.
What opinions to own.
How to update your social media status.
Should you be on x/y/z social media platform?
What (or whether) to study.
What to do, and how.
What to try.
How much to try.
How to vote.
Whom to love, and how.
How to live.
To start a family. Or not.
What/where to feed your baby.
How to dress your baby.
What medical care to apply.
How to educate your children.
Which extracurricular pursuits/fundraisers/battles to feed.
What to feed your children.
How to spend your time.
How to spend time with your children.
What to spend money on.
Whether or not to work in the home or earn dollars on the outside.
Do you really need a holiday this year?
How to care.
When to stop.
How to seek comfort.
How to honour yourself and others.
How to express yourself.
What/whom to support and how.
Whom/what to believe.
What to tell.
Whom to call.
How to die.

Some people say that our little ones need to be protected from certain, “political” conversations. Why? Every aspect of life is inherently political: if it is not seen as being so, there’s a good chance it will become so. The visibility of our everyday decisions makes us all activists for something, whether we like it or not. Better that we equip our young ones to think deeply and creatively, to do with intention and compassion, to be conscious and present in their fast-blooming worlds. And for that, we best equip ourselves first.

These are the thoughts that inspired this poem-essay.

In other news, from 30 October to 10 November, I will have the honour of being FAWWA‘s Writer in Residence at Mattie Furphy House! You can join me at my Tomato Writing Workshop on 4 November, at the Write Night on 7 November, and/or at Friday at Furphy’s on 10 November.

More details next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.


[Featured image by Oleg Magni from Pexels.]

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