Five things I don’t understand.

[another incomplete list]

1. Instagram.
I’m new to it. I’ve posted once. I don’t get it. Can someone tell me what all the buttons do?

2. The creases that appeared above my top lip this morning.
Where did they come from? I’ve tried to re-enact the facial expression that must have caused them and, if I sneer and turn my head on its side by 90°, I can see how these might have been possible. But I still can’t figure out when or how I would have had cause to replicate this expression the requisite number of times to produce standalone creases.

3. Why it’s so important to keep flax oil refrigerated…
yet foods involving ground flax seed somehow do not (eg. raw pizza bases; onion bread), which is all the more mysterious when you consider these foodstuffs often undergo hours of low, slow heat in a dehydrator before being stored in a cupboard.

4. Why children wait to want you until you are fully occupied with something else.

5. Why there are refugees scared, starving, and dispossessed on Manus Island right now.
Australia can do something about this. Our Government put them there. Why are our public policies so protectionist and compassion-free, when “compassion for those in need” is a value that must be owned by those entering this country from elsewhere?

…but I can’t leave this list in such a bleak place. Hence my self-given homework: identify one thing I can do about each of these things I don’t understand, and do it. And if there’s something else I can do after that, do that too.

Good luck to all in the throes of NaNoWriMo — and I hope to see you at FAWWA soon!


[Feature image by Webster2703 from Pixabay.]

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  1. Hi Hannah
    I cant5post on your blog as it’s asking for my WordPress password 🤔

    The more you post on instagram the easier it gets. Manus island is a mess and a dreadful situation for all involved. I am brassed off as to why we are having to pay for a failed taxi industry. Not our problem. If the taxi industry behaved and was correctly regulated we’d all be winners.

    Rae xxx

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