Write without the letter ‘e’.

I set this writing challenge — writing for 20 minutes without using the letter ‘e’ — as a prompt for Tuesday’s Write Night at FAWWA, inspired by my friend Sue’s suggestion and the idea of a book I’ve been wanting to read. It was a tricky task that resulted in some entertaining offerings around the table; this is my little absurdity.

‘Who art thou?’ says girl.
‘Thou? That’s a bit familiar, isn’t it?’ says boy.
‘You shock I!’ says girl. ‘I thought thou and I would marry.’
‘What?’ At this point, boy’s baby browns bloom brightly.
‘So many “b”s,’ says girl, ‘in your body talk.’
‘Ooh! You talk my body’s linguistics!’ Boy is by girl now, closing in, snuggling up. ‘You and I. Now,’ says boy.
‘But I don’t know your na–‘ girl starts.
‘Why worry?’ says boy. ‘Who knows why body talk works? Or how?’
Girl stands and shouts, ‘I think not, kind sir. I bid you good day!’
‘Too much?’ boy asks softly. ‘Too soon?’
‘Mmm,’ says girl, calming. ‘Start this again. From scratch, okay?’
‘All right,’ says boy, holding out his hand. ‘I am Connor. And you?’
‘Anita,’ says girl and, with Connor moving in again, Anita gifts him a kiss — on his hand. For now, anyway. Until familiarity grows, and amour can blossom.

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